Dear Parents,


I can’t believe it’s December in a couple of days!  November went by way too fast.

The first week in November we studied “AIR”. We learned that the air carries sound, so, there is no sound in space. We made fun projects and played games with balloons, feathers and airplanes. Of course, we blew bubbles, too. We also explored concepts of air expansion and weight. These concepts and others we study in preschool can be hard to grasp (sometimes for adults as well), so I always try to provide the children with lots of hands on experiments, games and activities.

Our next subject was “Water”. We froze some small toy bears we use for counting, and then the children had to think of different ways to defrost the bears. We also talked and had a puppet show about the water cycle. We also made an experiment with hot water changing into gas (evaporation) and then back into liquid (precipitation-rain). 

One of my favorite subjects is to teach about the first Americans and Thanksgiving. We talked about the new fruit, vegetables, and animals that the Native Americans introduced to the Pilgrims. One of those animals was the wild turkey. By the way, the turkey makes a “gool, gool...” sound in Polish :) We made books about Thanksgiving, Turkey projects, read books and had a puppet show about Thanksgiving. 


We had a special guest last week, Ellie (Titan’s Mom) coming and making snow globes with the children. Thank you so much, Ellie! We all had so much fun working on this project. I really encourage all the parents to come and share your talents, hobbies or make a project with us. It is a great opportunity for you to observe my teaching and your child’s interaction with others.


We are almost done with the alphabet!!! That means, the children were introduced to all the letters from A-V, but it does not necessary mean they have mastered it all yet. It all depends on your child’s age, skills, exposure and practice.We are still working on writing the letters. And please, read with your child. They love to read and memorize the same short books over and over again at this age. 


At this point, each child is learning different math concepts appropriate to his/her level, but they all love to count! And they all want to count to 100 :) That makes me so happy and I try to provide the children with many opportunities for them to do that.


Our December calendar will have some changes. We will have regular preschool days Monday, December 8th and 15th, and then we can enjoy a nice and relaxing 2 week holiday break (Dec. 22-Jan. 2nd). 

Our Holiday Party is scheduled for Saturday December 20th from 3-5pm! We will start with the children’s performance, and after that we will have an individual talent show from the children. Please, let me know if your child would like to sing, dance, do a magic trick or show us some other talent! ☺  We are also planning to have a visit from Santa. IQPreschool respects everyone’s background and beliefs, so please let me know if you do not wish Santa to visit.

Best wishes,