"It's not just the teaching style that sets IQPreschool apart from other preschools, it's how the kids learn, grow and explore. My daughter has enjoyed three years at IQPreschool and my son is looking forward to his turn!"  -Kirsten, parent

IQPreschool’s philosophy is to support the emotional, social, academic and physical development in young children. IQPreschool’s curriculum is mainly based on, but not limited to the Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence and the individual interests of the child. We also celebrate the seasonal changes and holidays. Aikido (Japanese Martial Art), and Polish as a second language, are part of the everyday program. 

Parents play a significant role in their children’s' life and IQPreschool provides parents with the resources to better help them support their children.

IQPreschool’s routine include:

Aikido at IQPreschool is taught through fun games and controlled partner practice. Aikido builds children’s confidence and giving them tools for resolving life’s daily conflicts. IQPreschool follows the teaching and philosophy of traditional Aikido as taught at Aikido Northwest (www.aikidonw.com).

There is great advantage to learning a second language at an early age. Studies show it gives children the opportunity to become better listeners, be more flexible in their thinking, and be more open to other languages and cultures. A second language “promotes flexibility in thinking and overall creativity," says Karen MacGilvray, director of education at Language Stars. Children at IQPreschool learn Polish language, dances and culture. 

After attending IQPreschool, your child will be ready physically, emotionally and academically for Kindergarten. 

And always, your child will feel welcome and safe with us.